Beyond Real (Story) Part 10

She lunged at me with incredible speed. That I swear I could see afterimages. I felt something like a gentle tug in my mind.  Energy slowly flowing throughout my entire body, then something clicked and I instantly stuck up my hand.

A blast of debris, dust, and the wind clouded the entire area and but I kept my eyes open because of the immense amount of power I emitted and expelled.

The dust slowly faded until our eyes met.  She was more surprised than I was, but I instantly remember this was my chance. I gripped her fist and emitted a powerful electric shock that would incapacitate her.  Once she passed out, I fell to my knees in relief.

“You have done it young one.” He said this proudly and powerfully.  “But I sense many questions.”

“You are damn right I have questions,” I replied.

The girl awoke and I looked at her as she got up on her knees and stared at me. I was expecting the worse, but all she did was smile at me, I could do nothing, But smile back.


Beyond Real (Story) Part 9

I coughed up a bit of blood, and my ribs were broken.  I looked up and she was in my face again, but I had enough time to cover my chest with my arms.  She threw two quick punches to my chest and the amount of force that flew behind them sent me flying through the ground, I was surprised was there a ground.

I flew right threw two more levels before I hit a solid one.  The force from hitting the ground was not enough to knock me unconscious, but it was damn near close because I was dizzy and could not see straight.  I lifted myself up to my feet, roughly, but before I could gather my thought she appeared in front of me again.

“You fucking asshole,” she said this while clenching her fist and putting her other hand on it.  I saw a bright light radiate in them as she crouched down a little ready to release her punch at any moment.

“If you die now.” She said this with so much anger in her voice, but I could see the tears in her eyes.  “I SWEAR I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!” She shouted so loud that everything around us started to shake and crack.

Beyond Real (Story) Part 8

I looked to her and she was smiling back at me, which only made me blush heavily.  Her eyes, they are a mesmerizing shade of red, I felt my soul being absorbed by her gaze.  Her body so soft looking and delicate, her lips so pink and tender and her legs thick, yet well formed. I instantly fell in love with her.  I may sound crazy, but it is true.

“A cough, cough, if it is alright with you, shall we get started?” her voice was as her figure made looking, soft and cute, but firm and powerful.  She reminded me of reminded me of military women, but she was right I suppose.

“So what is this he mentions about… fighting?” I asked nervously.

“You want to be free to live your old life, am I correct?” she replied while staring me right in the eyes.

“Y-yes” I answered.

“Then you can have it,” she replied.  Quickly saying afterward.  ”IF YOU CAN BEAT ME!”

Suddenly she lunged at me with full speed. Before I could blink she kicked me right in the stomach and sent me flying for what seemed like fifteen meters. I hit the ground hard sliding a few feet.

Angrily I shouted,”WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!”

“SHUT THE HELL UP AND FIGHT!” she replied,  “If you can still talk after that then I was going to easy on you!”



Beyond Real (Story) Part 7

A light flashed before my eyes, brighter than the sun.  A figure began to appear, slowly walking toward me out of the illumination.  I was able to see her appear bit by bit until the light disappeared and left an astonishing woman in its wake.  As she opened her eyes to look at me, my heart melted.  This beautiful creature before me was Aphrodite herself if not better.

“Her hair was long and silky, red with dyes of silver flowing through it.  She was tall until I noticed she wore heels, but I figured she was about 165cm tall.  I know it is perverted, but I could see her but was deliciously well developed, maybe about 110cm.  Her waist 61cm and her hips 95cm.  Before I could catch myself I had caught a nosebleed, Very embarrassing.”

I yelled,”I AM SORRY! YOU ARE JUST VERY BEAUTIFUL!” Instantly I thought to myself.  “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”


Vacation for What?

A fucking vacation?!?! FROM WHAT!?!?! he’s only caused problems and

put us on the brink of war! thinking building a fucking wall and

“kicking” people out of the country is going to solve anything! This

damn business man is only about money and fame. I am not going to so

say America is messed up, I am not even going to say people who

believe in this “person” is messed up. This guy by his lonesome is

fucking twisted in the head. With everything his says and does and HAS

said and done I don’t understand people anymore. If everybody just

“grabs a woman by the pussy” or say “To make America great again”

then they should all just be president right? lets risk the millions of

people living here just trying to enjoy their everyday lives because this

“president” doesn’t care and just wants fame. Starting a war? what

president willing starts a war and then wants to take a vacation like

good job? all you people in the states going from Texas to New York

who agree with Trump will be killed if the Koreans attack and for

what?!?! for fucking what? your kids didn’t do anything, you didn’t do

anything (in a sense) and everybody who is trying to live life happily

didnt do anything at all, but they have to die for an idiotic president

who is more racist then a slave driver and more sexist then a rapist

make choices involving lives of people and politics he knows nothing

about. Issues with Korea have not be the best, but it has never gone this

far. Until he arrived. You people just blindly follow him and to what

ends? so he can kill you in the end? Thanks his way of thanking you for

giving him the power of all of you when he doesn’t give two fucks about

any of your feelings.He hasn’t done anything to deserve a vacations.

Building a wall like this this is China? Cutting off trade deficits with

Japan and China? Throwing America into deeper dept? Talking

immature weird smack on twitter like a teenager with beef? keeping

secrets? being racist and sexist? Trying to use violence to solve

violence? (Which NEVER fucking works in the history of America)

Trying to start a world war 3? Kicking out families because they are or

were immigrates from wherever they came from? what the hell has he

done to benefit anybody? has he tried decreasing our debt? Solving the

issues with our increasing negative views as Americans? Trying to fund

schools? find more jobs? Decrease pollution in our country? Reinforce

our armies to protect and serve without all the ass hole attitude and

getting police forces protect and serve the people like they are suppose

to and not their selves. A fucking vacation is going to a monkey

basically. He is going to get us killed and while he is sipping tea and just

pressing the launch codes on killings us from his many manors around

the world, we the people will be suffering and i promise you he will not

give two fucks. He hasn’t in been in office for 9 months and he needs a

break? People is fucked man, nobody reads the history books anymore.


“I respect all political views. Nothing is wrong with a political difference, it does not make anybody anymore or any less deserving of respect in any aspect.”


Beyond Real (Story) Part 6

“You have been killed young one, you have died and been reborn into this realm.” his voice was soothing and calming, yet deep and firm.  “You are meant to save the world, nay, the universe from a deadly path in which it heads.”

“I did not ask for this fate! What about what I want!” I replied in anger.  “This is not some Anime where I accept this open heartedly! I did not want to die, I did not want to save the world!”

“But you must young one, for it is your destiny.” He replies calmly”

“SCREW DESTINY! It took my life, my normal happy life, and complicated things. You think I wanted this?!?! NO!” Shouting at the top of my lungs.

“Then what is it you wish for young one?” He says to me.

“I want my old life back.”

“Your destiny does not lead in that path anymore, but if you wish it so…  You may fight for it.”

“Fight?” I was surprised by his answer. “I do not know the first thing about fighting,” I added.

“Maybe she will help you better understand things.”


Beyond Real (Story) Part 5

There was silence, but I spoke on,” I lost everything! My dreams; my goals, my future, and my friends !” Tears roll down my face as I rage on looking for this voice, looking for an answer to my abrupted end. “Please! Explain to me why! Why me?!?!” I fall to my knees sobbing away.

“Those questions I cannot answer,” the voice answered.  “But I have come to give you new life, For you and you alone possess the power to change the fate of the world.

I listened to the voice, and after calming down a bit, I could make out it was male. I remembered him saying this earlier, something about giving me new life, but saving the world was new.  I took a deep breath and I slowly took in my surroundings. There was nothing to be seen, but empty white space.  for as far as my eyes could see there was nothing but white space.

”What do you mean you mean by that?” I replied.

“In your life before, you possessed a hidden power… One that can change the fate of everything around you.” He said this very seriously, the heaviness of his voice pushed on my soul.  “You alone possess the very powers of a Demi God!

The shock shook the fibers of my cells,”I possess what?” I looked around for some kind of face, something concrete to hold, but all I felt were hard staring eyes.