Beyond Real (Story) Part 16

“Sasaki will forever remain by your side! She will aid you in your adventures ahead, assist you by any means, and protect you at all cost!” Thunder was crashing, clouds formed and before I knew it a bright light appeared.  “I will always be here young one! Forever watching over you, when the time is needed I will contact you again. Your life is once again yours to live.  It is up to you.  May the light shine brightly even on the darkest of hours!”

The light got brighter and brighter until I could not stand to look any longer. I felt a huge rush of wind and then calm instantly afterward.

When I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings…  I was, I was home.  The place I never thought I would see again and Sasaki were kneeling right next to me, just like she said.

We got on our feets,” I do not know where to start from here.” I said. “but I am happy you are with me through this Sasaki.”

“Honestly I am happy as well.” She replied with a smile.  “I feel like the town would have been destroyed by now if I was not here.”

I was almost happy, but now she made me a little mad, but I was happy either way.”Then keep me under-control or I may shock you again.”

“BULLY!” She replied loudly.


We looked at one another and starting laughing, I felt everything was going to be alright.  I may have died and started a new life now, but with Sasaki by my side I know we can figure this out.


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