Beyond Real (Story) Part 15

“I understand.” I dropped my head for a moment thinking that I will remember everybody, but nobody will know who I am anymore.  I can grasp the concept of not being who I once was because I died, but it is sad having to live it.

Sasaki looked at me with a sad expression, But she smiled soon afterward,” If it makes you feel any better, I will be there with you.”

I looked at her slowly raising my head, my heart was racing and I was so happy, but my eyes filled with tears and even though I cried, I smiled at the same time.  I looked at her as she smiled back at me.  her beautiful eyes made me feel so much better.  I wanted to hug her, but I forgot my ribs were broken.  She instantly ran to my side and start using healing magic to fix me up. I was very grateful.

“You time is almost up young one, I must ready you and send you back now.” His voice booming throughout the ruined space, powerful and stern.

“Wait! I still have so many questions to ask you!” I said eagerly!

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