Beyond Real (Story) Part 13

I answer her,” I understand Sasaki.”

”I shall give unlock one of the seals, beating me means your body is able to take the the first power unsealing.” she walks close to me, takes hold of my hands and helps on my feet.

This all happening so fast that my heart races, but she looks just as shy as I do.  Sasaki looks me square in the eyes tense and nervous.  This is one of those epic scenes where I gain the power to defeat my future enemy through such a romantic and seemingly sexual act…  A KISS!

She slowly leans in and I closed my eyes and leaned in myself, I felt like time was at a stand still, Everything around us gone and it was just us in this moment.  Then I remembered that all that is true, not a damn thing is in sight and I am pretty sure there is no time here, but whatever, this is my first kiss!

I felt the pressure intensify as we inched closer together, then suddenly a gentle peck on my forehead. Embarrassment rushes over me and I froze, all the preparation mentally and physically was for nothing! A kiss on the forehead! What epic story starts with a kiss on the forehead?!?!

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