Beyond Real (Story) Part 12

”So this power is connected to my imagination?”

“To put it simply, yes.” Filled with an energy I jumped up and down shouting “YES!, YES!” at the top of my lungs until I collapsed in pain forgetting about our fight.

Sasaki steps forward until she is a few feet from me,”Though it will take practice to master this ability, you must be careful.” her face, was so serious almost to the point where this “power” she speaks of scares me, but I continued to listen.

“This power has many seals on it which protects you from being overwhelmed and ultimately destroyed by it.” She stopped to see my reaction to hearing that, even though I was scared on the inside, I already guessed that power comes with a risk. I nodded, she seemed to appreciate my patients.  “The more power you are able to unseal, the more energy you can release meaning you will be stronger.”

She explains a little bit more in detail.  There are ten seals in total, I am at level zero now meaning none are unsealed at this moment, But I still have a decent amount of power to use in my current state.

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