Beyond Real (Story) Part 9

I coughed up a bit of blood, and my ribs were broken.  I looked up and she was in my face again, but I had enough time to cover my chest with my arms.  She threw two quick punches to my chest and the amount of force that flew behind them sent me flying through the ground, I was surprised was there a ground.

I flew right threw two more levels before I hit a solid one.  The force from hitting the ground was not enough to knock me unconscious, but it was damn near close because I was dizzy and could not see straight.  I lifted myself up to my feet, roughly, but before I could gather my thought she appeared in front of me again.

“You fucking asshole,” she said this while clenching her fist and putting her other hand on it.  I saw a bright light radiate in them as she crouched down a little ready to release her punch at any moment.

“If you die now.” She said this with so much anger in her voice, but I could see the tears in her eyes.  “I SWEAR I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!” She shouted so loud that everything around us started to shake and crack.

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