Beyond Real (Story) Part 10

She lunged at me with incredible speed. That I swear I could see afterimages. I felt something like a gentle tug in my mind.  Energy slowly flowing throughout my entire body, then something clicked and I instantly stuck up my hand.

A blast of debris, dust, and the wind clouded the entire area and but I kept my eyes open because of the immense amount of power I emitted and expelled.

The dust slowly faded until our eyes met.  She was more surprised than I was, but I instantly remember this was my chance. I gripped her fist and emitted a powerful electric shock that would incapacitate her.  Once she passed out, I fell to my knees in relief.

“You have done it young one.” He said this proudly and powerfully.  “But I sense many questions.”

“You are damn right I have questions,” I replied.

The girl awoke and I looked at her as she got up on her knees and stared at me. I was expecting the worse, but all she did was smile at me, I could do nothing, But smile back.

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