Vacation for What?

A fucking vacation?!?! FROM WHAT!?!?! he’s only caused problems and

put us on the brink of war! thinking building a fucking wall and

“kicking” people out of the country is going to solve anything! This

damn business man is only about money and fame. I am not going to so

say America is messed up, I am not even going to say people who

believe in this “person” is messed up. This guy by his lonesome is

fucking twisted in the head. With everything his says and does and HAS

said and done I don’t understand people anymore. If everybody just

“grabs a woman by the pussy” or say “To make America great again”

then they should all just be president right? lets risk the millions of

people living here just trying to enjoy their everyday lives because this

“president” doesn’t care and just wants fame. Starting a war? what

president willing starts a war and then wants to take a vacation like

good job? all you people in the states going from Texas to New York

who agree with Trump will be killed if the Koreans attack and for

what?!?! for fucking what? your kids didn’t do anything, you didn’t do

anything (in a sense) and everybody who is trying to live life happily

didnt do anything at all, but they have to die for an idiotic president

who is more racist then a slave driver and more sexist then a rapist

make choices involving lives of people and politics he knows nothing

about. Issues with Korea have not be the best, but it has never gone this

far. Until he arrived. You people just blindly follow him and to what

ends? so he can kill you in the end? Thanks his way of thanking you for

giving him the power of all of you when he doesn’t give two fucks about

any of your feelings.He hasn’t done anything to deserve a vacations.

Building a wall like this this is China? Cutting off trade deficits with

Japan and China? Throwing America into deeper dept? Talking

immature weird smack on twitter like a teenager with beef? keeping

secrets? being racist and sexist? Trying to use violence to solve

violence? (Which NEVER fucking works in the history of America)

Trying to start a world war 3? Kicking out families because they are or

were immigrates from wherever they came from? what the hell has he

done to benefit anybody? has he tried decreasing our debt? Solving the

issues with our increasing negative views as Americans? Trying to fund

schools? find more jobs? Decrease pollution in our country? Reinforce

our armies to protect and serve without all the ass hole attitude and

getting police forces protect and serve the people like they are suppose

to and not their selves. A fucking vacation is going to a monkey

basically. He is going to get us killed and while he is sipping tea and just

pressing the launch codes on killings us from his many manors around

the world, we the people will be suffering and i promise you he will not

give two fucks. He hasn’t in been in office for 9 months and he needs a

break? People is fucked man, nobody reads the history books anymore.


“I respect all political views. Nothing is wrong with a political difference, it does not make anybody anymore or any less deserving of respect in any aspect.”

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