Beyond Real (Story) Part 8

I looked to her and she was smiling back at me, which only made me blush heavily.  Her eyes, they are a mesmerizing shade of red, I felt my soul being absorbed by her gaze.  Her body so soft looking and delicate, her lips so pink and tender and her legs thick, yet well formed. I instantly fell in love with her.  I may sound crazy, but it is true.

“A cough, cough, if it is alright with you, shall we get started?” her voice was as her figure made looking, soft and cute, but firm and powerful.  She reminded me of reminded me of military women, but she was right I suppose.

“So what is this he mentions about… fighting?” I asked nervously.

“You want to be free to live your old life, am I correct?” she replied while staring me right in the eyes.

“Y-yes” I answered.

“Then you can have it,” she replied.  Quickly saying afterward.  ”IF YOU CAN BEAT ME!”

Suddenly she lunged at me with full speed. Before I could blink she kicked me right in the stomach and sent me flying for what seemed like fifteen meters. I hit the ground hard sliding a few feet.

Angrily I shouted,”WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!”

“SHUT THE HELL UP AND FIGHT!” she replied,  “If you can still talk after that then I was going to easy on you!”


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