Beyond Real (Story) Part 7

A light flashed before my eyes, brighter than the sun.  A figure began to appear, slowly walking toward me out of the illumination.  I was able to see her appear bit by bit until the light disappeared and left an astonishing woman in its wake.  As she opened her eyes to look at me, my heart melted.  This beautiful creature before me was Aphrodite herself if not better.

“Her hair was long and silky, red with dyes of silver flowing through it.  She was tall until I noticed she wore heels, but I figured she was about 165cm tall.  I know it is perverted, but I could see her but was deliciously well developed, maybe about 110cm.  Her waist 61cm and her hips 95cm.  Before I could catch myself I had caught a nosebleed, Very embarrassing.”

I yelled,”I AM SORRY! YOU ARE JUST VERY BEAUTIFUL!” Instantly I thought to myself.  “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

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