Beyond Real (Story) Part 6

“You have been killed young one, you have died and been reborn into this realm.” his voice was soothing and calming, yet deep and firm.  “You are meant to save the world, nay, the universe from a deadly path in which it heads.”

“I did not ask for this fate! What about what I want!” I replied in anger.  “This is not some Anime where I accept this open heartedly! I did not want to die, I did not want to save the world!”

“But you must young one, for it is your destiny.” He replies calmly”

“SCREW DESTINY! It took my life, my normal happy life, and complicated things. You think I wanted this?!?! NO!” Shouting at the top of my lungs.

“Then what is it you wish for young one?” He says to me.

“I want my old life back.”

“Your destiny does not lead in that path anymore, but if you wish it so…  You may fight for it.”

“Fight?” I was surprised by his answer. “I do not know the first thing about fighting,” I added.

“Maybe she will help you better understand things.”

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