Beyond Real (Story) Part 5

There was silence, but I spoke on,” I lost everything! My dreams; my goals, my future, and my friends !” Tears roll down my face as I rage on looking for this voice, looking for an answer to my abrupted end. “Please! Explain to me why! Why me?!?!” I fall to my knees sobbing away.

“Those questions I cannot answer,” the voice answered.  “But I have come to give you new life, For you and you alone possess the power to change the fate of the world.

I listened to the voice, and after calming down a bit, I could make out it was male. I remembered him saying this earlier, something about giving me new life, but saving the world was new.  I took a deep breath and I slowly took in my surroundings. There was nothing to be seen, but empty white space.  for as far as my eyes could see there was nothing but white space.

”What do you mean you mean by that?” I replied.

“In your life before, you possessed a hidden power… One that can change the fate of everything around you.” He said this very seriously, the heaviness of his voice pushed on my soul.  “You alone possess the very powers of a Demi God!

The shock shook the fibers of my cells,”I possess what?” I looked around for some kind of face, something concrete to hold, but all I felt were hard staring eyes.

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