Beyond Real (Story) Part 4

While I wait for judgment for what seemed like an eternity a voice suddenly reaches my ears. I could hear it clear as day, it told me to rise, to rise and breathe new life.  A jolt flew through me almost as though lightning struck me, barely a second afterward and I could feel my mind becoming clear.

My lifeless body that was so numb and cold became warm bit by bit, I could feel the paleness of my skin gaining it’s color back;  my heart beating, my lungs gasping for air, and my soul turning to returning to me.  I jumped on my feet fighting and grasping for my life, it took me a moment to calm down and grasp the situation, but eventually, I did and a great depression and sadness took over my body.

Echoing voice,” Calm yourself young one for you are in no danger here.” the voice said in such relaxing tone.  “Tell me, what do you feel?”

“I feel… Empty.” My voice cracks under the words. “Lifeless and deceived,” I answered.

“What makes you feel such a way?” echoing voiced asked.

“I… I was killed wasn’t I?” I replied angrily, Searching for this voice.  “ Somebody took my life! Left me to die and for what!”

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