Beyond Real (Story) Part 3

I felt it, The cold wind grasping at my soul.  the moon shining brightly above me and the whispers of spirits taking me away, calling me to my slumber.  My eyes heavy, slowly closed.  The lights twinkled and I felt calm, as I drifted away.

As I fell into the void I heard voices; screams, sobs, and scared ones.  I heard people who sounded as though they lost everything in a single second, fearing the inability of not being able to move on.  I heard voices calling me back, but I could not return if I tried.  The darkness around me grew closer as the cold air sucked all heat from my bones.

Out of nowhere, I felt a warmth like no other, I felt a sensation of comfort and bliss almost as though I were home.  The chills of winter’s kiss melted away with the rising of the sun, and the birds chirp in song to praise the heat and welcome a new day.  The space around me that was once desolate, filled up with smiles and love, Though I knew my body lay lifeless and my eyes forever closed…  I felt pure content.

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