I’ve always managed to sit by and listen to what others say, never really listening what my own thoughts tell me to do. Considering my own feelings or my own way of life. I question myself on a daily basis and I can never find an answer for my behavior. To live is to express your own happiness and style, to have dreams is to show your personality and potential, to have ambition is to set in motion one’s motivation and reason for pursuing glory and success.

What do I strive for?

What is my motivation?

What are the dreams I pursue?

Though all these questions and more appear in my mind, the answers never come along. I am clouded, my motives unknown and happiness not obtained. I am an individual trapped in a cycle of undefined nonsense.

Will I ever obtain my answers?

Will I ever figure out my motives? my dreams?

Time can only tell, but sadly, time is limited.

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