Simplistic Understanding

It’s sad when you have to look at the things around you and truly ask yourself…

“Is this all… I can accomplish?”

Not that you do not have the ability to move forward, but that people will forever be in your way no matter what you try to do.

It is only natural for human beings to be selfish and jealous of others, it is honestly one way people tend to find motivation to move forward, but at the end of the day it is all for not.

People. . . Human beings have a strong urge you succeed, to become better then the next person. This is our own version of a food chain or popularity chain. Constantly striving to be better, to do greater things and become known.

Everybody has their own reason and their own goals, but it is all for not.

Forever stuck in this loop will only cause frustration, stress, and and earlier grave for some.

The lime is call that for a reason, it is poisonous, sickening to those who get a taste it and deadly to the ones who obtain it.

Simple goals become impossible to obtain and the by the time you reach your most simple desire you’re neck deep in some sort of debt, worrying about saving money, or both.

Humans make life so much more difficult when it is truly the easiest thing on the face of the planet to understand.

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