Life’s Standards


I do realize that in life there are hardships, right? we all understand that life is about hard work and “equal opportunity” but is this really practiced or is it some sort of plot that is used to deceive us? whichever it is, I know that I am not benefiting from anything.

I look at life in a sense of being, picturing how is life being lived on every part of the world and what kind of difficulties are they dealing with.

Not understand my own issues and problems is already impossible, so trying to think about theirs differently isn’t.


Question Time!

Thinking about how I struggle and work hard for scraps is quite frustrating, who wants to be born and have to struggle to get by until the day you die? Just think about it for a moment.

I was never asked to be born, I didn’t ask my “parents” to enjoy making love and produce me and throw me into this crazy backwards world we call “home” just to struggle, never get anywhere, and die.

Now of course I understand people will tell you,’Hold your head up.” or “look at the bright side of things.” or even “go to college and get a degree to make more money.” if you truly think about it, all that really means nothing in the larger scale of how that actually works for somebody.

Hard work barely gets you anywhere, people go to college to spend 10x more money that they do not have.  Get a degree that may or may not even matter in getting a job (Career), just to be in debt and still pay off more money that you do not have.



Now then you put all this together all I get is that unless you act “Unintelligent” you will not get anywhere. People drop out of college when they get a job that pays a lot of money because money is what matters, money talks, and money gets things done.

why do I have to pay for an education to better myself and my country in which I live? Why must I struggle in the land I was born in?

The rich may seem smart, but it’s a front their are social classes for a reason. When parents say,”Stay in a child’s place.” it has way more meaning then what you think.

I’m not afraid to work, I am not lazy or unmotivated and just complaining, but after so many years of learning and watching society cripple itself on simplistic values and selfish ideals. I can only vent in some ways.

You work starting age 16, until your at least 70 if not earlier or even later. Unless you do something “self-demeaning” like drinking your on urine on YouTube or dropping out of college to play basketball or even to sell drugs. It is very unlikely your going to get anywhere in life.

Sure handwork pays off, but only 10% of people can say that, but that only depends on what their dreams and goals are.

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