Opinion: Boku No Hero Academia


Boku No Hero Academia S2E23

Midoriya wasn’t trying to win or lose. . . He was trying to help his friend push past his problems and overcome a difficult time. With those conflicting feelings of his life he holding his self back at least 50% because of his father. . . Now because of Midoriya he’s pushed pass this and can now act using his full strength. . . Midoriya was making a point that because he was injured and yet keeping Todoroki at Bay. As he stated, Shoto didn’t lay a finger​ on him and Midoriya even got a punch on him. . . In the end Midoriya did give his full power with his left leg and right arm to meets Shoto’s full strength. . . Midoriya was already worn out and badly injured at least 5 times over, so it’s understandable why his was blown away. Weather or not he lost on purpose is unknown until the next episode probably. . . But it is definitely clear that these two will be the next number 1 and number 2 hero. I know damn well everybody gone be scared to fight either one of them after this lmao. Midoriya my boi and he put his friend before his own well being. . . Shoto better be greatful as fuck, he did say thank you before they gave an epic high 5.


In the end Midoriya didn’t make it to Todoroki to high five him which is why in the end he looked shocked. . . If your wondering what did Midnight do? And you are familiar with her power then you can guess what happened next. . . She knocked Midoriya out before they met which causes Todoroki to look like, “wtf just happened?” It believe it would had ended up in a tie or Midoriya would had really won. One for All is very powerful and even with one finger it’s too much, can you imagine Midoriya connecting with Todoroki with his whole arm? He would not live to use that fire again. Which is partly why he was knocked out said from being way to injured.

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