Been Thinking #2 (Life)

Living in this world that has so much to offer is unimaginable when you think about it on a deep level. Being born in what seems like an instant then remembering your first memory and relaying on others to fill in what you where like before your first memory was known to yourself is funny in it’s own way.

I have learned the meaning of life, in my own definition that is.

between the time of your birth and the scary inevitable death we are all soon to meet one way or another, we must seek ways to explore this vast and amazing world trying to entertain ourselves.

Life is given to us unconditionally and I feel as though we are just living in a show. Without a purpose to life we have given humanity a purpose, we have given ourselves goals and turned our simplistic beings into a into a global society.

honestly I have been feeling lost. I cannot understand who I am or what my individual purpose is among humanity. When I think about everything right as is, I depress myself. I have no particular talents that I can grasp; When it comes down to skills I really do not posses anything I could use within the career field, and when I think about my goals they all require some mixture of both.

Life is suppose to be relaxing and fun. A time in which we explore and discover new things about our-self and others around us, but I feel as though all people are focused on is gaining more money then the next thus having more power and glory. What I believe use to be simple has now become complicated. We live for a short time, yet eighty percent of that time is struggling to keep assets and find a purpose. By the time you get settled you are already to old and warn down to enjoy particular things. Though this does not go for all people.

Honestly is something to think about. My life in particular is difficult. I am still venturing for my own spirit, searching for my purpose, and what I am passionate about. I hope to soon find my answers.

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