Center Silhouette

You know something, I find myself in deep thought thinking about so much.

When I close my eyes at night I neither sleep or dream,

I think about all the choices I have made so far,

I visualize all the actions I have taken during the course of my life up to this moment,

I concentrate on what paths I could have taken.

What life I could be living if things were done differently,

But like an online game, I cannot pause life.

I take walks along the shore or in a park and I look to nature for my salvation,

I stand still in both my mind and time,

My minds bounces from dream to life,

I question myself over and over.

Do I regret my choices so far?

If I could turn back the clock. . . . Would I?

Am I ashamed of where I stand now?

As I am slammed with question after question I begin to see images of myself,

People who would have been standing in the center if my choices changed,

Again and again I hear the questions echo in my mind.

people who could have been famous,

Or Popular,

Or Drug addict,

Dead even,

Or a theft.

As I close my eyes and open them after a deep breath, I look ahead to see a silhouette,

It stands proud of who it is, of where it plans to go,

The bright light ahead of it only brightens, the unknown being welcomed,

I feel warmer, as if something boils within me,

As it slowly turns to face me, I begin to recognize who it is,

Its’ me,

A man that is not ashamed of where he stands,

Who understands that the past is no something to regret,

But to look at and know that it’s what shaped him and gave him the strength to grow.

I hear the questions once more.

No, I have no regrets,

I would not turn back the clock,

And I would not change a thing,

I will follow the silhouette and brave whatever comes out of that light,

My life has only Just begun.

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