Article 1: My First Article!


Who I simply Am

I know I do not normally do articles, but I plan on doing so starting with this one. Being honest I have wanted to create a blog for the longest time and while this is all new to me, I hope to one day make this a big part of my life.

A bit of background knowledge on me would seem like a good first step for I believe.  I am a young man of twenty years who is taking the difficult steps of life in my home city of Chicago. I am a college student at the moment and working toward a degree in Computer Science (IT) before starting my major in Media Arts.

A few of my common hobbies would be writing poems and short stories; I enjoy playing video games and drawing (more like doodling), and cracking open a good book is one my favorite ways to pass time. Something that I do not consider a hobby would be watching Anime, it is my daily interest, so much so that I consider myself an otaku and I am not afraid to admit it.

When concerning both my short and long term goals for my life all I can say is that they collide with this blog. I intend to work hard on this blog to make it as popular as possible because writing is something I love so much in my life, almost as much as anime. I intend to create a Anime YouTube channel and write novels because I want to entertain people all over and show them the imagination I possess within my mind. Drawing anime is something I want to be able to do all the time because I really want to draw it so badly.

That is just a few of my goals (ambitions) I have laid out for myself. When concerning my academics I just want to get an associates in Computer science then change majors and work to get a PhD in Media Arts. I want to Create Animations which I would feature on my YouTube.

Concerning my blog, I really want this to be more of a Anime Blog, but I see it’s turned itself into more of a random thing where I post of a bit of common topics here and there, so this will be a blog dedicated to my random mind process, but I will keep it as organized as possible so it is easy to navigate. This is my first blog and I really hope to get plenty of comments and feed back so I can know how to improve my skills and make it better for my readers.

I have so much planned out for myself and I am willing to do what it takes to reach my goals. I hope everybody will support me in my adventure of life to get my bucket list checked off and I will do the same of you.

One thought on “Article 1: My First Article!

  1. Shawnta says:

    That’s what’s up cuz I love how you’ve come into your own moves and responsibilities as a young man u rising over all situation to chase your dreams and goals u will inspire many on your journey because in this day and age loyalty, honor and uniqueness is rare in guys at your age stay humble and focus u got it cuz 💯💯💪🏾


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