Love Theories


“Love in a sense describes who we are and what we see ourselves as in the reflection when we look in a mirror. Love within our own hearts becomes what we want to be, whom we need others to see us as, and how will this affect myself styles and others around me. An image of our true self is developed within this sense of love that we have learned about and it something to achieved without delay, it can cause many to change over time or become anew within a single encounter. why does love have the ability to create a new person?”


“When pain covers a broken heart, it said that,” the holes of the heart can only be filled by another person” there are many ways people deal with a broken heart, the question being where does this pain derive? Is love something that can heal all wounds of the heart and soul and does it mean that one concept of love is to make others feel whole again? Love makes people feel special and complete, the empty void that covers the delicate pieces of what’s inside.”


“Sometimes violence comes from the inner sense of desire and passion for another person’s affection. When that affection is not obtained or as much as they want it to be it is as though the other’s heart is not being satisfied and this causes some to react in a violent manner. Does one’s own lack of love cause violence which can lead to depression or even bullying? How far can love take a person’s feelings?”


“There comes a time in every person’s life when they find that special someone and almost anything is done to get their attention, so that their admiration can be earn as well as their affection. In today’s attempts to gain another’s love or interest we have social media, this makes it easier to get information and messages around to a specific target. We can reach another’s heart with just the click of a single button, this seems to make love more of an artificial creation then a personal and connecting encounter. Does this make it wrong to be in love or in a relationship with someone who is miles away rather than a person who you can easily see every day.”


“Life has so much to offer when it comes to technology; the views and sounds of nature, the people we can interact with, and the special holidays to enjoy each year. When you take this, and mix in the affections of others and the love they can share it is seen that it affects so much of everyday life for people who fall in love. How does life’s simplicities affect the way people love each other? Simple things like technology or holidays or just thinking another person is losing interest can change people for better or worse. Why does love have such a powerful hold over human beings and how they interact with others or change themselves.”

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