Gender makes a Difference


The life we live as human beings there are events around us which form how each one of us are raised and there are many different aspects of our lives that form the individuals we become ranging from the environment, to education, speech, and religious beliefs. Life is a never-ending cycle culture and all cultures are very different.

Sex (male and female) being one of the factors of culture which is also a means of reproducing and survival. Many cultures differentiate depending on where you are and who it involves. Male female counterparts have different roles to play in every culture, some being important whiles others being not so important. As stated in “Asking questions about Cultural Anthropology: A concise introduction” Chapter 9. (167) Boys are adventuresome, active, and aggressive, while girls are nurturing, domestic, and sentimental.

In culture sex is one of the biggest factors if the not the main. It determines who is strong or weak when it comes to giving people an assigned duty to preform and it is one of the leading factors in the chain of command when picking leaders and people who follow under that leader. Chapter 9. (167) Studies in gender also plays a role when it comes to men and women’s functionality and brain activity. Women’s left-brained tend to accel in verbal communications while men’s right-brained have a higher level of combat skill and sight.

In some cultures, there are “individuals” who possess both male and female parts. Chapter 9. (168) these individuals who have both are called intersex, those whom have both ovaries and testes; some have gonad development with separate, but not fully developed male and female organs. Some grow them within the same organ with most being infertile, but on occasion either being able to produce sperm or eggs. In more modern terms these individuals are called hermaphrodites.

Appearance between male and females sometimes applies to sexual appeal between the two when looking for mate for to prove that the other is dominate and to find attraction. The sexual organ that each possess on their own body is the key player in this and how big the male is or how the woman’s vagina look’s helps this process. With modern technology with can make these sexual organs look more appealing and even change the size of the clitoris and the penis. Though through history there is no such thing as a perfect organ or a way it is supposed to look.

Hormones within both male and female counterparts play a huge role in sexual appeal and growth within both genders. At explained in chapter 9. (169) hormones play a major role in determining physical and even behavioral differences. But there are still a lot of misconceptions about hormones one being that hormones are solely linked to a specific sex: testosterone to males, and estrogen and progesterone to females. In a way of speaking these hormones do a big role in one gender more than the other, one example being that estrogen plays a bigger role in the reproductive system in women then in males.

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