Coloring Outside the Lines

In a sense of belief that every man and woman are equal a question soon follows that asks,” Is every color or race of man and woman equal?” I do not believe that everyone is equal, I do not question the beliefs of others regardless of their “race” because it is senseless to look for value within another’s background or origin. When I open my eyes, I see pain from every corner of the earth, all I hear are the screams of those who have died a horrid death. The suffering of humanity is but a tear compare to the suffering of the planet we reside. Race, ethnicity, color, and culture are but simple justifications for our actions and defenses for how society chooses to live.

As stated in the article “Overcoming Helplessness, Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Inaction in the Face of Need” published by Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, APHA President in the AJPH EDITOR’S CHOICE, “To move forward in these sad and perilous times, we need to overcome helplessness, overcome fear, and overcome inaction in the face of need.”

I see not one issue with the coloration and separation of humanity, but many that surrounds the main root of the problem, this being the superiority of a single culture. One culture sees itself as superior to another and in turn the cycle of fear and hatred among one another dwells on this fact, that white is better than black, or European is farther exceled then Latinos. Race is only a defensive wall against ones on pride and self-worth.

As said by Jones, Camara Phyllis ,” Is it fear of being disrespected? Is it fear because Black men are seen as superhuman or animal-like rather than being the fragile vessels of blood and dreams that we all are?” They are idealized into being something less than capable of understating and co-existence, shunned and pushed aside by those whom cannot defend themselves against the weapons of those who see themselves as higher beings. Life among humanity of all races has been built in a society where those who are not easily understood are considered evil and corrupted, like how Donald Trump speaks of Mexicans, Muslims, and Africans Americans.

The world is a chain of shame, of self-worth, wealth, and fear. Those who do not possess wealth are forced into poverty, those who do not possess the weapon to strike fear into the hearts of others are murdered, and forced to rob and kill to survive, those who do not possess a high amount of self-worth are miserable and lose all hope to live, protect themselves, or try to strive for higher goals, and lastly, those who are ashamed of this world are shackled by the chains of hate and despise the people who live in it.

I end my thoughts by again neither agreeing or disagreeing with the quote “We cannot enter the struggle as objects in order to later become subjects” because I believe we enter this world by neither force or needs, we are automatically able to stand and do as we please as part of humanity, but are tamed with time to follow the rules that have been set in stone before we are even giving a chance to speak.

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