Windows Mix-A-Lot


If comparing and contrasting two different things has become something popular then the differences and comparisons between windows ten; windows eight, and windows seven is something that would be very good to put to pen and paper. Without doubt computers have become a valuable asset to the lives of today. Technology is within everything we do from entertainment to education.

Windows seven is a simplistic software, I would dare to say the first basic software after windows XP. When resetting a computer to a basic level to start fresh on re-programming and other functions windows seven is the disk to turn too. De-ban is also a choice, but if you want the computer to remain usable after the erasing everything then as stated before windows seven is the disk to turn too. One interesting feature about windows seven is it includes the “Start” button with the windows symbol in lower left corner that is one specification that of windows seven.

Once you have the basic software download or after using a de-ban disk you are able to upgrade your computer to windows eight. There are several upgrades to windows eight that is not included in windows seven, for example; design, motions application viewing, and slide feature. When using windows eight everything you could need is already displayed on the home screen; emails, music, pictures, videos, games, YouTube, social media, etc. The slide feature allows you to either left or right on the screen to access the wide variety of applications. There is not “Smart button feature” in this programing.

Unlike any other program Microsoft has decided to launch a new software recently that is called windows ten, it is supposedly faster, better designed, and have an array of features that improve work and school alike. After closer inspection I have seen that it is nothing but a shame covered in fancy new laptop, though I cannot complain the performance and quality. Windows ten is a 2016 software that (if noticed) is a combination of windows seven smart button and windows eight slide and multiple application feature all in once. When the smart button is the lower left corner is clicked you are greeted with a similar windows feature, but instead you see windows eight applications. Instead of sliding left and right, is the same sliding up and down.

I do have to admit that the software is beautiful and high in performance and quality, but to pay so much some money for two different programs in one is a waste of money to me. In my eyes Microsoft tried to cover this laziness by adding a new two in one laptop computer among other various items with dell. I admit that I would consider buying the technology for its beauty, portability and efficiency and for the fact it comes with the windows ten software already installed. Nevertheless, Microsoft was lazy in producing this new software and I hope they come up with something new; diverse, and unique like creating windows seven then windows eight.

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