What’s Fair?

When I think about what’s fair it normally has to do with the concept of equal share; 50-50, you scratch my back I scratch yours, or my favorite, it takes two to tango. Thinking about fairness and what makes something “fair” is difficult to explain because there are so many different aspects of being even-Steven.

Taking turns on a video game system, how long to watch television, or how gets to go first when using the computer. How to draw the line at when something is fair and unfair is definitely a difficult topic to explain, but in my opinion if anybody tries to give the definition of fairness one and only one meaning and explanation then I believe that’s unfair.

As a citizen, human being, and a student I feel that there will be many things I encounter that will be deemed fair or unfair by me or somebody else because everybody has their own terminology or how they explain things. Our 14th Amendment explain that every human being regardless of race is equal and free, it also gives an explanation and of what our individual rights are and out freedoms, for example; Freedom of speech, freedom of press and for either one to be diluted in any way would be unlawful and unfair.

As a young African male and a citizen “African-American” I have already encountered several unhappy and unfair situations. I have been stopped by the cops several times and harassed by them just because I am black and they are white, I believe that is unfair because of what my skin color I am assumed to be doing drugs, drug trafficking, or up to no good. Being discriminated against is not only racist, but unfair to me as well as a large majority of the black community.

Being a human living in a world where people expect certain from you because of where you come from; meaning where you live or lived, what you do or did, even what other people in your community or race did is reflected onto you because of things like that. This is unfair to many beings because it wouldn’t matter your ethic background, religious beliefs or anything. Anybody is a target of worldly unfairness and there is no way to run from it.

A student, whether it be in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, there will be plenty of moments when there are the feelings of unfairness among the student(s) or even the teacher. How to counter these feelings is the hard part a few examples of how to deal with this would be to explain the situation to the teacher or professor who is the subject of why the unfairness is within the environment of the classroom. Sometimes the students can solve the problem among themselves and in doing so will prevent it from happening again and will build a strong classroom bond.

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