What it means to me!

Life is truly a very hard thing to understand and to live in this world is only becomes more complex with each passing day that’s goes by. Dealing with yourself as I have heard growing up is priority number one because as it has been said,” you cannot take care of someone else if you cannot even take care of yourself.” Those are words that I live by and that is for a fact. It may be asked, “How does one figure out the secrets that not only wonder in this life, but within one’s own heart and soul.” And the only answer that can be offered it that you must live and explore.

Preparing for the inevitable future of reluctance and self-doubt is quite easy if you do not over think it. We as people want to strive and to do so we must know what we want and need from others; ourselves, life, and careers. Doubting your own abilities and knowledge is one the most common ways some folks fail to achieve what is long awaited for them. It is also known as low self-esteem. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you will drastically boost your motivation; having a step by step plain will help you maintain a level of control on what needs to be done, so you will not feel over welled and stressed. Lastly taking a break to think about what makes you different from others, unique or special, then seeing what your flaws are will help you better yourself as a person and as potential candidate for whatever you want to be in the future.

Low self-esteem and lack of motivation can easily follow students to college. This part of their life can be considered critical as to they are now proceeding to follow their dreams or figure out what they would like to with their lives. This means lots of work, thinking, stress, confusion, and drama which will easily break any motivated mind into stopping and leaving. This too can be easily fixed by speaking with their advisors to better explain their options of schools to go to and to help organize classes so that way its less stress on themselves and more of a focus on doing homework and studying for exams. They can speak with others who are in the same boat of confusion and discuss each other’s ambitions. Finding study partners to make homework easier or even go to tutoring. Next is the fun part, going to clubs and school activates to not only explore your interest and skill set, but to take a chill pill and just have some fun time.

Even though all of this is fun and can be stressful, it’s good from time to time when all else seem for not, to remember why you work so hard in the first place. Saying in particular of what you should remember is not my place, but saying that remembering the past and the reason you chose to chase the goals that were made is very inspirational and can honestly help you out in a jam. That past is in our minds and why we look forward with the eyes that were grew is because of the past we once lived in. You could draw from that improve your goal: change them, or add to them just to fit what you need. The past is a powerful thing and why it is not best to live there, it is always good to revisit them often or when need be and remember who you are, where you came from and why you are doing what you are doing.

With all this in mind one thing that must always be retained is yourself, what I mean by that is never forget yourself and what matters to you. Most of the time we all have so much on our mind and in our plates that we tend to forget to use a napkin to keep ourselves clean. Others are not always going to be there for you and you must try to stand alone to make sure you can still stand. Friends and family are great to have around and are very essential for a happy and productive life. There are many factors this part of live and it can seem confusing to figure out who is a friend and is not a friends, or to better put it, who will add to your life or subtract from it. This can be figured out by yourself and through common sense of what makes you happy or not happy. For help in this field some quick advice is need,” Time is not what makes a friend, it is a friends that shows value and consideration” people who you will meet in life are all very different and you must forever be aware of them over your life because just like the seasons they too change. This will follow you wherever you go whether it be the work place, school, or around the world.

Remember life is forever changing and so are you and those around you. Take into consideration everything you do because for every step that is taken there will be something trailing you whether it be good or bad is up to the walker. I understand life is confusing and complex and sometimes you want to throw the towel in, but before you do that loo around for those who support you and has your back. Think about yourself and why you starting walking the path in the first place and believe that there is something grand waiting at the end. Take it one step at a time and trust in yourself. Even though you can always change your direction on the path, it is always better to walk forward then to turn around and head back the way you came.

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