Pavement of the right path


There are several things within the “Who Really Ran the Underground Railroad?” article that I truly do not care for. It is not like I do not care for the “actually facts” or anything like that of the past, but I am just not interested in what people say happened or really did not happen back then. It will just be running around in a circle while trying to figure out if everything I learned in high school and elementary school was true or not.

Whether the Underground Railroad actually happened the way I was taught or it was all made up does not concern me anymore or truly never has. I believe the past is very important and why it does supply an endless pool of knowledge and virtues to pull from that does not, however, have any true meaning in wasting years in present day life figuring out if it is real or made-up.

My past as a young African-American does not concern me because I understand the hardships they went through; I feel the pain and suffering they must have endured in order to get us our freedom we have today as Negros, and for the most part even if somebody came to me with information saying that everything I learned and believe in is wrong, I would not listen to them.

I have been taught that Harriet Tubman helped rescue hundreds of thousands of slave escape the South to gain freedom in the North; I learned that many whites hated us and saw us as nothing, but cattle and mules to do their work. They raped us, beat us, killed us, starved us and sold us as if we were household items. We were not human beings to them and they treated us like soulless, garbage.

I have found meaning within my past and within that meaning we have found solidarity and purpose. With the knowledge I have grown up with about everything from George Washington to Barack Obama, I refuse to believe to look at anything else being changed in any manner because what purpose does that serve in all manner of respect? I have no need for my ideal image of now to be altered as well as the taught lesson of our ancestors do not wish for their lessons and struggles to be pushed on the children of today.

I have not learned what it truly means to be an American Citizen in the fullest term and thanks to my great grandparents and their grandparents I have the greatest honor of never knowing what “made” America Great. I love what I learned and I am never going to let that changed me, but at the same time I am not going to let someone force crazy knowledge on me neither.

No matter what the past was, or what race was involved whether it be Black, White, Latino, Hispanic, Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese. We all have been part of history in some form or fashion and we have all learned what happen during those harsh times. Our ancestors had to live through it all and died trying to changed it or stop it. I both hate and love my history, but all I can do is accept it and learn from it as I grow and mature.

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