Growth Spurt!

During my first semester in college (Wilbur Wright College) I feel like I have gained a ton of skills and developed my writing beyond what I though was already good. My eyes have been opened to a new level of imaginary heights and I can pinpoint my grammatical mistakes almost as quickly as I make them, so I see my mind has developed very well. I loved English 101 and I am happy that Danial Burns was our professor for the course.

When I first started the class I turned in two essays that needed my attention so badly that the professor actually held me back in class and spoke with me about the mistakes. I felt so bad that I honestly hated myself, I felt like an idiot. The first paper was so full of red markings that I figured the professors grandchild must have touch over it with Cheetos fingers, the second paper might as well had been dipped in cherry Kool-Aid.

After I had to be spoken too and recommended to the Wright Emporium several times, I reviewed my papers and read all of the professors comments and markings and I forced myself to learn my mistakes so that I could avoid them. After that, every paper I turned in got a ten out of ten score. I did not let the good grades get to my head because I know my limits and I would begin to slack off and screw up again.

Whenever we had to write an essay I would pay close attention to what the professor was looking for within the essay and I typed until I knew I was happy and that he would be pleased with the work. I did not have anybody review my paper because anybody can read a paper for me and tell me what I did wrong, but I knew that would never help me at this point because Professor Burns had already done that, so I forced myself to catch my own mistakes and review my own papers,

My eyes are now able to reread my own work and catch all the run on-sentences; punctuations, improper grammar, and incorrect use of words and their meanings. Thanks to “Dan the Man” I have honed my skills in eye balling errors.

I feel like that if I never took this class I would still be making the childish mistakes I have been making for years. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing so much in sixteen very short weeks. I entered that class knowing nothing, but how to type and I have left know how to review and edit my own papers and know how to properly do a research paper.

If there is one thing I hate more than math it is an irritating and boring research paper. The idea of typing something millions of people have typed about is boring, it is like if ten people baked the same cake using the same recipe and were asked to all write down how they made it. A research paper is just me summarizing stuff about something another person summarized off another person’s summarization.

I prefer to write about imaginary things and ideas that are unique to every living individual. Because you can freely write and express yourself in any manner you wish and the only rule that needs to be followed is the rule of writing a typical essay or story.

While in the class we did a research paper on Robert Frost and I hated every second of it because I had to check out two books and look up an article and read them and cite evidence. I could not use one bit of inspiration from my own mind just read; cite, summarize, and state facts. I am tired of that boring protocol people go through. I am interested in writing my biography, but that is the only bit of facts I am interested in talking about.

I love to read and write more than anything even if it means writing about things I am not truly interested in. Writing to me is about expanding your mind and letting your imagination run wild over the pages. I hope to get published, whether it be in a magazine or a newspaper or even a short story. I really want to take my writing career to the next level and show everybody what I see and what I think about. Opening their eyes to the imaginary world is something I want to do.

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