What’s Important

I don’t understand why you look at me with such animosity,

I have only ever tried to make you smile,

To make your days grow kinder,

And your nights calmer.

My love for you blossoms in the way a spring rose opens its petals,

I have but one sweetest lesson that I have yet to learn,

And that is how much I have grown to love and care for you.

The sound of thunder beats in my aching heart,

My mind slipping away from gravity and whatever bonds me to this world.

I feel that I am prepared to travel far and wide in order to achieve your kiss,

You are my serenity,

You are my securing force field of love and calm,

My anger fades at the sight of you,

My sadness dissipates at your slightness touch,

When all else fails you reassure me.

Some may need a door,

Others a wall,

And many an anchor.

All I need is you, your smile, and your love and I will be all but Black.

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