Simply Life

Man, the sky is just so blue, the ocean is just as deep and the wind is just as crisp as the mountain is just as high as the tallest tower or the steepest trench. The earth spins like the water waves, the clouds are white like grass is green, the moon is evil and the sun is good, and the damnation of society’s brotherhood. Lions are the king while tigers are the queen, the whale is huge and the ant is small, strength is the planets own enemy, power is of the highest prestige, love is the greatest of pain, while trust may be the hardest to gain. Emotions are a storm of condensation, while words are a form of solicitation, tears make the world’s largest river, and a touch can cause the biggest quiver, lost times can never be gain back, time lost will always be a simple act. Humans will always be a part of earth, woman will always be the ones to give both strength and birth, and men will always be the workers of life and be the ones you protect and fight. Life is considered the world’s biggest hell, death is worse but relaxing as well. “I am part of my family, my family is part of my house, my house is part of my block, my block is part of my street, my street is part of my neighborhood, my neighborhood is part of my city my is of a bigger one, the bigger one is part of the state, the state is part of the country, the country is part of the world the world is part of the universe, the universe is part of the galaxy and the galaxy is part of something bigger it as well. Something is always bigger, something is always smaller, someone is always tougher, someone is always weaker, a mind is always smarter and a mind is dumber, an attraction will always have a reaction whether it be equal or opposite to it. Animals will always be bad and they can always be good, nature can always be nice or it can be mean, mornings can always be blissful or they can always be terrible, life can give you lemons or it can give you an eye full of sour power, people can and will always say hi and will hundred percent say goodbye.

School is for the mind to grow and to learn more knowledge, and parents are to be the guides to the road of faults, our hearts are to helps use breath and make each day a miracle, our bodies are simple host to handle just the tactical, our hands are our tools, our mouths are to speak what our heart and minds feel, our lungs are to fill with the hopes that seek and blow out the tragic pain that hides within our cheeks. The sun is the enemy, the moon is the hero our math may not be correct, but our life is based on percent.

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