You are the sunshine that brightens my day,

You are the stars that make me look up because I shouldn’t be looking down,

 You are the wave that calms my endless unrest,

You are the moon that gets me light in the night so I won’t have any fright,

You are my wind that blows away all my worries,

You are the sky fire that burns a passion into me,

You are the ice that cools my pain,

You are the season and tell me when it’s time to make a change,

You are the emotions that blow throughout my mind,

You are the personality that helps me develop my individuality,

You are the words that tell me right from wrong,

You are melody that I’ve been searching for to write my song.

You are the mind behind all my good intentions,

You are the thoughts that help percept my true intentions,

You are the heart that guides my shaky hand,

You are the master who teaches me all the plans,

You are a warrior, a master of all creations,

You are the reason why people have a statement,

You are the jewel that everybody fights,

You are the kisses that people really hope for,

You are a boss, a sensei all the time,

You makes hope a reality and not just a fatality,

You are my dreams, my love and my soul,

You’re the reason I drive on and stay in this hopeless world,

My ideas become one, next to none,

You are my greatest success, to the soul and spirit, you are one,

My love, my truth, my faith, my life, my emotions, my senses and my body are none,

Without one, and you’re the answer to my questions, and that is my great realization.   

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