Anime Thoughts

Most recently I just watched an Anime called “Sakamoto desu ga?” and it is freaking hilarious! life I will rate it a ten out of ten for the humor it posses and the situations in which the amazing and protagonist is put in. Sakamota is able to make any troublesome or inconvenient situation look fabulous with just his awesomeness alone and everybody he encounters instantly falls for him. . . (well the women that is, men fall for him as well, but only after many attempts to embarrasses Sakamoto.) I honestly find the Anime serious to have a bit of romance as well and maybe some horror, but its very light horror I cannot stress the word “light” enough. Sakamoto desu ga? is mainly for laughs, I even found there to be some situations that made me cringe. It’s just amazing how someone could be so perfect and do almost anything AND! look spectacular while doing it. While this may not be a formal review, this is my own opinion and I seriously recommend this Anime to anybody interested in laughs and just having the to ask yourself,” why is able to this?” trust me, its’s worth the watch.

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