Class Appearance #2

I was taking notes while semi-listening to the teacher while she walked around reading a chapter from a book, she worked her way around to my location and patted my shoulder meaning it was my turn to read. I figured she told me to read because I was staring out the window rather then following along, so she asked me to read from where she left off. I laid my hand on the closed book and began to use an ability I call “forth-sight” this skill allows me to see what is hidden from view; within my mind’s eye I could see words within the books and follow along without actually following along.

To an others it looks as though I memorised the book which in this case works out for me. The teacher and students were all wide eyed as I spoke the sentences in the book as though I stared into an open page. I finished up the next paragraph and stared out the window while the classed stared at me, I felt their gaze and it made me shiver as though a ghost was hovering over my head. I turned my head to face the teacher and as I looked at her I saw the deep gray within her eyes, an abnormal color for a human to have, but unique in it’s own way. She put her hand up to her mouth and gave a qiuck cough and suddenly it is as though the class snapped out of some sort of spell.

She said,” V-Very good, please open your book any follow along.” I obyed.

During the self-study hour Rin-sempi made a detour to my class (honestly, I don’t remember giving her my school’s address), But I guess she used a skilled called “Tracking” this particular skill is sort of self-explanatroy. She is able track anything or anybody she desires. Rin-sempi stepped into the and everybody started to makes all kinds noises and comments; the guys were drooling, the girls were astonished, and even the teacher was amazed by her beauty and form, she walked in with grace and it seemed as though time slowed just to give every eye a good lengh of time to observe her every curve and edge. (Typical)

Rin-sempi spoke,” Hello, May I please give these items to Javaris-chan please.”

The class all looked at her unbeliving that such an Angel would associate herself with the likes of me and that this Beauty would bring me a lunch! The looks on their faces were as if they were ready to kill me, I could sense the hostility as their eyes glowed the brightess blood red possible.

Rin-sempi walked over to me,” Hello, Javaris-chan (she said blushing while putting one hand up to her mouth, her hand went right in the middle of her breast making them giggle as if physics didn’t apply to them. Blood showered the class as boys fainted and girls grew envious and checked their own sizes.) I-I have your school bag and lunch, you were in such a rush this morning you left without them,” She continued to explain herself,” I was heading out shopping anyway, s-so I decided to dropped this off, it was on the way.

Her voice was as soft as a cloud of love flying over an ocean of light mist it felt as if she was singing a song filled with love, like she was trying to capture your heart.

One boy shouted,” MARYY ME!”

I spoke with a small smile on my face,” Thank you sempi for bringing this all the way to me, I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble, you didn’t have to do that for me.” I honestly did feel bad for causing her to travel here for me, I had not noticed I forgot them. She’s been taking care of me since I gain this new life and I owe her a great deal.

She replied like a newly married wife,” Don’t worry it was no problem at all, I know you been working hard all week and this is you really needed your things, I was already out doing some shopping and your school is on the way back home, it was no trouble at all.”

Everybody is the class was completed in love with her at this moment and just couldn’t stop looking at her and hating me more and more, thinking I’m putting on some kind of act or something.

I spoke,” well you’ve been helping me a lot why not this weekend we go out, my treat. (I said it with an emotionless face, I truly did want to do something for her)”

She replied excitedly,” OH MY GOSH, YES! sounds very nice, well I’m heading out to shop now (She bowed) have a good afternoon and I’ll see you home.” smiling as if I had just proposed to her, she seemingly floated from the classroom.

The moment the door closed behind her the room fell silent, deadly silent. Hostility grew at an alarming rate and I could feel the red dots at my head. I stood and swiftly opened the window, placing one foot on the ledge. the whole class spoke at in a creepy tone, sending shivers down my spine.

Whole class,” Javaris-San, can we have a word with you?”

I turned and what my eye witnessed was a class of enraged students charging toward me at full throttle. I jumped from the window to the tree with no hesitation and worked my way to the ground. I though to myself… ( I have escaped the evil demon that are teenagers, at least for the moment.)

I walked and thought to myself,” I can believe this is what I must deal with. I promised myself I would not use my abilities to gain a better lifestyle, so I must work through this somehow.” I groaned, ” it could not get any worse than this.”

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