Class Appearance #1

I walked to my class room which was class “2-A. The teacher was on her way to the class just like I was and we happen to bump into one another. I looked at her and I thought she was very cute. Looking at her I analyzed her body and pushed my epic air glasses. Staring at her as she picked up her papers for today’s class, which I neglected to help with. Her name is Matashiyo Kiyomoto.

Age 24, bust 79.3cm, height 170.9cm, waist 76.5cm and hips 79.7cm, she wore glasses, but for some unknown reason she isn’t wearing them today. seen her a few times on my patrols around the neighborhood, but why she did not notice me is clear now. I helped her picked up the remaining papers that were scattered and we spoke for a moment.

I spoke,” Kiyomoto, Matashiyo right? I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”

She replied,” Oh hello, I am very sorry I may sound rude, but who are you?”

I spoke,” I’m the new transfer-student here. I’m told that you are supposed to be the new teacher, class 2-A right?” I notice her purse a few feet away and with a few things scattered out including glasses. I went to pick up her things and I gave them back to her, “By the way here are your glasses.”

She spoke happily,” Oh my thank you very much I thought I lost these (putting on glasses) now let me get a better look at you. (shocked)

I spoke,” Is umm something wrong?” I looked awkwardly back.

She replied,” There isn’t any problem, we can talk later I’ll be waiting in the class room right down the hall, please wait outside and once I get everybody settled down you come in and please introduce yourself,”

I answered with a slight smile,” Alright”

She began to walk off down the hallway to the class and I waited at the door as instructed.

I Started to think aloud to myself,” My first day of class in the Anime world wow! I never thought something like this could happen to me. My hopes, beliefs, and dreams when I was in the other world has finally been heard. Time to live out my deepest desires!”

When I heard my name it had been about five minutes. The quietness startled me a bit and I became nervous, I took a deep breath and opened the door the teacher was looking at me smiling which actually calmed me down a bit. I could hear whispers and low chattering. I Stepped into the quiet class room and I felt as if my life changed at that moment.

Random girl: I wonder who it is.

Random boy: I hope it’s a hot girl, with big boobs.

Random girl: maybe it’s a cute boy, who loves sports.

Listening to them chat made me nervous again so I just kept my eyes on sensei. Everybody went quiet once I was in their sights. I closed my eye. Before I turned to face the class I could feel my heart beating so fast and I was trying so hard to calm it down before I spoke because I didn’t want to sound weird or stutter.

Kiyomoto-sama spoke,” please introduce yourself to the class and tell us a few things about yourself please.”

I faced the class and opened my eye, but after that moment I wished I could have never done it because once I could see that everybody stared at me as if I was weird or something, my heart dropped. The entire class looked at me as if I should had stayed wherever I came from. After I gave my introduction, the teacher told them to try and make me feel as comfortable as possible and to be nice to one another.

The class answered awkwardly, “Yes sensei”

She pointed me to the seat in the far left, corner in the back row. I quickly thought to myself,” At least I get the protagonist seat by the window.” I quickly took my seat and I stared out the window as class started,” So this is how my first day starts off, I am the outcast already. I hope this turns around for me.”

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