Love Today vs Yesterday

When it comes to love, I believe that many aspects fall into the focus of “what makes it special” as Chimamanda Ngozi stated once before,” How could Lewy not see what seemed so self-evident.” Meaning that in the eyes of many people information is taken in and explained in many ways, but when you are faced with things that only have one meaning it is hard to believe that it is not understood.
I have believed for many years that love is a huge part of life and that technology has made many aspects of our lives simple and easier from communication, to visiting other places, and gathering information in the split second it happens. In comparison to how we used to express ourselves before phones and social media, I would state that it has made love more of an artificial thing to me rather than a personal connection which embodies some sentimental meaning with another person.
Things like Facebook or snapchat allow two people to send pictures, videos and even speak to one another through webcam. This allows for two people to connect without necessarily having to meet in person. Though technically two people can still communicate like this, small aspects of what makes love so special vanishes and is never seen again. In all respect to both woman and men this is bull shit.
I could fall in love with somebody over social media of any kind, because I prefer to meet somebody face to face to make them laugh and smile, I need to feel the other persons’ presences next to me. I make my connections with people to an encounter in life, not from friend request from some stranger whom likes my profile picture of me and my dog. I will admit that social media has it perks and it has several ways to connect people for whatever reason, so yes, I do love it and I am happy it’s around, but to fall in love with someone, in my opinion, is not as special to me than if I bumped into a beautiful woman and was star struck and at a loss for words.
Technology has advanced very quickly and has become a part of everyday society. Today we could not look forward and dream of a day with game systems, laptops, cellphones, or even cars. With modern technology, we can visit faraway lands in hours, speak with new people in seconds regardless of where they live, and learn about anything with just a few keywords. Though even with all we have to make our lives easier; to be thankful for, I do have to admit that modern day life has been losing its touch with the more physical and emotional part of everyday life.


My Dim Light

“I have closed my eyes on yet another day,

Only to awake sad and lonely,

I sit alone only hearing the sounds of wind,

left to to understand that I am clueless and dim.

The voice of death creeps closer,

yet fear is not what reaches my mind.

I smile, for a reason unknown to me,

And for what feels like forever,

moves slower with each breath taken.”

-Demi FoxGod


Bucket Listing (Just Because)

  1. I want to get my Associates Degree in Computer science.
  2. Get my PhD in Media Arts
  3. Have an Anime/Game room.
  4. Learn how to Draw Anime on paper/computer
  5. Start a blog (become popular)
  6. Start a YouTube (become popular)
  7. I want to write short stories and poems (get published)
  8. Travel to Tokyo, Japan and stay for a few months (Akihabara!)
  9. Want to make at least four good friends.
  10. Fall in love and get married after several years.
  11. learn how to speak Japanese, and French. (can already speak basic conversational Spanish)
  12. Go snowboarding.

Modern Times

Life never shows mercy,

It is learn through time and hardships alone,

Parents set the boundaries, those whom guide our youthful minds,

But only for a short while.

Love changes you deeply, turning you into a new being day by day,

Education is the key that opens doors which grants “some” pleasure not all,

without it one cannot gain their ambitions and desires.

the life we live is full of pain and suffering that only a small few manage to escape,

we our loved ones; friends, education, life, and freedom for granted,

but once you realize it. . .

It’s already to late.

-Demi FoxGod


The Darkest wish

Darkness fades and becomes one with the looming light. light brightens the darkness of the night and frightens all evil.

Cast, cast away all worries, all the fears and fall.

Fall towards a new era vast and wide to all those whom seek dreams and hope.

This may well be a simple wish.

A wish made upon a falling star that once graced the heavens above. Set in the sky by those who worship his highness.

We are but loyal troops; standing tall and bending to his every whim as we put our faith in his hands.

-Demi FoxGod


We are gifted, and the gifted are always treated differently.

I’ve known this all my life. I have seen through my own eyes as they have done so to me.

The “special” children are not to associate themselves with us.

They took me from home where

told my parents that I would be in “capable hands”

I sensed their lies, I was only eight.

My parents willingly let me go, even as I cried they looked away.

My life has never been the same.

-Demi FoxGod