Before Now

It has been a lifetime since the last time I opened my eyes and saw humanity for it’s truth self,

It has been a day since I have last smiled the way a mother intends her child to,

It has been a week since I have last done an activity that would let me showcase my skills,

it has been a month since I have last benefited from my hard work and efforts,

It has been a year since I have believed things will get better, that life has more to offer than selfishness and greed.

Time is valuable, but because of humanity, because of society time is nothing but money and how much of it one being can steal from another.


Beyond Real (Story) Part 16

“Sasaki will forever remain by your side! She will aid you in your adventures ahead, assist you by any means, and protect you at all cost!” Thunder was crashing, clouds formed and before I knew it a bright light appeared.  “I will always be here young one! Forever watching over you, when the time is needed I will contact you again. Your life is once again yours to live.  It is up to you.  May the light shine brightly even on the darkest of hours!”

The light got brighter and brighter until I could not stand to look any longer. I felt a huge rush of wind and then calm instantly afterward.

When I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings…  I was, I was home.  The place I never thought I would see again and Sasaki were kneeling right next to me, just like she said.

We got on our feets,” I do not know where to start from here.” I said. “but I am happy you are with me through this Sasaki.”

“Honestly I am happy as well.” She replied with a smile.  “I feel like the town would have been destroyed by now if I was not here.”

I was almost happy, but now she made me a little mad, but I was happy either way.”Then keep me under-control or I may shock you again.”

“BULLY!” She replied loudly.


We looked at one another and starting laughing, I felt everything was going to be alright.  I may have died and started a new life now, but with Sasaki by my side I know we can figure this out.


Beyond Real (Story) Part 15

“I understand.” I dropped my head for a moment thinking that I will remember everybody, but nobody will know who I am anymore.  I can grasp the concept of not being who I once was because I died, but it is sad having to live it.

Sasaki looked at me with a sad expression, But she smiled soon afterward,” If it makes you feel any better, I will be there with you.”

I looked at her slowly raising my head, my heart was racing and I was so happy, but my eyes filled with tears and even though I cried, I smiled at the same time.  I looked at her as she smiled back at me.  her beautiful eyes made me feel so much better.  I wanted to hug her, but I forgot my ribs were broken.  She instantly ran to my side and start using healing magic to fix me up. I was very grateful.

“You time is almost up young one, I must ready you and send you back now.” His voice booming throughout the ruined space, powerful and stern.

“Wait! I still have so many questions to ask you!” I said eagerly!


Beyond Real (Story) Part 14

When she stops I noticed her face is super red and she turns away from me,”The unsealing will not be immediate, within twenty-fours you will feel the power rush through you. You may feel dizzy for a while, but it will pass.”

“I understand, thank you.”

“No Problem.”

“So what is the next step? I said this aloud speaking to the voice.

“Next I will send you back to earth.” He said this almost eagerly but in a calm fashion.

“What?!” I replied in awe because he said I could not return to my old life.  “But I thought I could not return to my old life.”

“You are not,  Earth is your home, so I will send you back to it, your home town is where your murder happened, So I will send you back there.  Though to you, your face and voice remain the same, the people you once knew will not see they once did.” In such a melancholy tone, he said this.


Beyond Real (Story) Part 13

I answer her,” I understand Sasaki.”

”I shall give unlock one of the seals, beating me means your body is able to take the the first power unsealing.” she walks close to me, takes hold of my hands and helps on my feet.

This all happening so fast that my heart races, but she looks just as shy as I do.  Sasaki looks me square in the eyes tense and nervous.  This is one of those epic scenes where I gain the power to defeat my future enemy through such a romantic and seemingly sexual act…  A KISS!

She slowly leans in and I closed my eyes and leaned in myself, I felt like time was at a stand still, Everything around us gone and it was just us in this moment.  Then I remembered that all that is true, not a damn thing is in sight and I am pretty sure there is no time here, but whatever, this is my first kiss!

I felt the pressure intensify as we inched closer together, then suddenly a gentle peck on my forehead. Embarrassment rushes over me and I froze, all the preparation mentally and physically was for nothing! A kiss on the forehead! What epic story starts with a kiss on the forehead?!?!


Beyond Real (Story) Part 12

”So this power is connected to my imagination?”

“To put it simply, yes.” Filled with an energy I jumped up and down shouting “YES!, YES!” at the top of my lungs until I collapsed in pain forgetting about our fight.

Sasaki steps forward until she is a few feet from me,”Though it will take practice to master this ability, you must be careful.” her face, was so serious almost to the point where this “power” she speaks of scares me, but I continued to listen.

“This power has many seals on it which protects you from being overwhelmed and ultimately destroyed by it.” She stopped to see my reaction to hearing that, even though I was scared on the inside, I already guessed that power comes with a risk. I nodded, she seemed to appreciate my patients.  “The more power you are able to unseal, the more energy you can release meaning you will be stronger.”

She explains a little bit more in detail.  There are ten seals in total, I am at level zero now meaning none are unsealed at this moment, But I still have a decent amount of power to use in my current state.


Beyond Real (Story) Part 11

“So, I never caught your name.”

” It is Sasaki, Akane Sasaki.” She replied.

I thought that names were very pretty. I proceeded to tell her mines until I remembered that my name no longer belonged to me after I died that person died. All I could do was look at her, smile and say.  “That name is very cute.”

She stood up and dusted herself off while blushing, she tried not to look me in the face until it passed, but I am glad she was smiling at least. I thought back and remembered all the hate and anger I felt from her, all the tears in her eyes. I wondered what made you feel like this but decided not to ask for now.

“Let us get down to business,” I said strongly.  “I see what you mean by Demigod, even though I do not quite understand it all, I am willing to take it on and save the universe as you stated before.”

“Good young one, your answers makes me quite happy,” he answers.  “Your power is great and there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish.  As I have gathered from your people’s sayings.  if you can think it, it can be done.”